Laying the Field – 16:10 Perth 06/07/17

These are the lay odds created using the horses overall chase records along with previous course, distance, ground, grade, jockey, trainer records.

Lay Odds No. Horse
5.035 2 Deauville Dancer
6.250 3 Owen Na View
10.093 1 Noche De Reyes
11.708 5 Toledo Gold
13.831 4 Vodka Wells
16.188 6 Muwalla

(Just to note, I always place the Lay bets just prior to the off, normally when the horses are going behind.)TheĀ %Ā book youā€™ll see in the main image isĀ 140.58%,Ā Noche De Reyes and Vodka Wells are trading under the Lay Odds right now. Ā Itā€™s just a matter of time to see which ones get matched pre-race or in-running



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